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Absolutely. Young artists have no sense of history. Something else is happening right now with younger artists and their sense of history. It’s as if what preceded them is of no value or never really happened. I’m always amazed when I talk to women artists in college who have no interest in feminist art. There seems to be this frightening, alarming return to the modernist notion of the self-contained, genius originator. Young artists in particular don’t want to acknowledge antecedents. I’m not really interested in recuperating history and I’m certainly not interested in romantic nostalgia for the past, but I’m very aware of the history of art that preceded me. Every artist works through history. I mean, painters are always painting against the history of painting. By Clifford Owens (via blackcontemporaryart)


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its really depressing what the john galliano main line has turned in to. bill gaytten is such an awful designer.

i’m waiting for galliano’s gemma ward-like comeback where he does a collection anonymously after years of hiding out and shakes the foundations of the fashion world all over again. 

Major damn cosign on this right here. He is a huge miss creatively in the fashion world.

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*plays Brotha by Angie Stone in the background and dims the lights* I continue to thank God for the men with skin rich in melanin. He took his time on you. You beautiful black men…with your beards and tattoos…your intelligence…your wit…strong-willingness to bend the rules. The protectors. The workers. Our Princes. Our Kings. Us beautiful black women, thank you for treating us as Princesses and Queens. We love you.

Thank you I’m flattered


can we just appreciate this

Let the chuuuuch say aaaaaaaaaaaMEN!

Oh yes God!!! All these shades of chocolate!