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It’s one thing for celebrities and fashion stylists to talk in slang, but when they don’t know the proper spelling of the terminology needed for their industry, that pisses me off. Proper spelling and knowledge should be the requirement for your role. Seriously, what is a “fabric swap” when you are talking about design? It’s a “fabric swatch”. I can’t stand this level of ignorance. I’m a fashion school drop out, but I know my stuff. Bet on that. By Trikeita Leshae

Cultural Expression

I just viewed this awesome picture of a Biggie (RIP oggi aka today)portrait and it made me wish Bermuda encouraged this kind of artistic expression and respected its worth and place in the larger context of our culture. I mean even the photo of the portrait itself is art. It is time for a rethink of what Bermuda Culture means and all the mediums it can be expressed in.

Why are Bermudian artists and art relegated to back alleys and select museums? How amazing would it be to be celebrated for expressing your perspective on Bermuda or the world and really being respected for it, even paid for it, out in the open?Imagine, the waterfront on Front Street actually being a hub for local artists and vendors to show those that visit a taste of what is here to explore. Currently, our cars have the best view in the City. Imagine St. George’s being the eclectic, boutique style shopping/cultural/historical destination that it should be. We have so much to offer, but yet the Arts is the least funded part of our society. Art is the voice of the people, yet artists are not given the space to express what really happens, what really affects the hearts and souls of this people. We are then forced to absorb and assimilate to cultures of another people and where does that leave us? Lost. Then the Elders ask success of a generation that does not have a voice, a perspective, a national pride to call their own. What cultural legacy has been left to us?

Who are we as a people? Where are we going? What is the goal? How will we get there? Maybe it is time to let the voices of our culture paint a picture for us. It may not be the prettiest picture in the beginning, but I’m certain the overall painting will be beautiful. Bermuda is still the jewel of the Atlantic, all the artists ask is that you let us help her shine.

p.s I’m a little neurotic about this topic…