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Why are all the Black Men on the Vanity Fair cover only hugging or leaning towards white women? Did I miss the memo? The Black women are together in this little cluster and the Black men are either being sat on by a white woman, touched by a white woman or seemingly drawn towards a white woman. I don’t care who shot this, and she is definitely, by far, one of my favorite photographers, but this wasn’t subliminal at all. This was a glaring example of what Black Women have to contend with in the media. Especially within the realms of pop culture and fashion. Black Women and all women of Colour, we have got to pay closer attention to the images that are perpetrated against us, on a really serious note. By Trikeita LeshaĆ©

It’s one thing for celebrities and fashion stylists to talk in slang, but when they don’t know the proper spelling of the terminology needed for their industry, that pisses me off. Proper spelling and knowledge should be the requirement for your role. Seriously, what is a “fabric swap” when you are talking about design? It’s a “fabric swatch”. I can’t stand this level of ignorance. I’m a fashion school drop out, but I know my stuff. Bet on that. By Trikeita Leshae