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This is another old shoot that I worked on. I basically dressed and styled the kids, and my name was listed in the credits, so I guess I can use the photos. Shout out to the entire team tho because having a bunch of children running around the Aquarium ( By that I mean Deige LOL) and keeping everything moving was a task in itself. You can find the entire shoot on www.stylebermuda.com. It was shot by Meredith Andrews (www.meredithandrewsphotography.com), and she’s always a blast to work with. Karlandra Smith and Jakai Franks really kept things organized and were great Art Directors. Our Kiddie models were all beyond cute, but please remember I only wanted to use the photos of looks that I remember having some definite involvement in pulling & styling.

Happy Viewing!

xxTrikeita Leshae

"Smooth Sailing" was my nautical inspired concept last year for StyleBermuda.com. Boating is such a Bermudian tradition, it’s literally impossible to escape since water is everywhere. Anyway, I believe this was featured in The Royal Gazette on 20/04/11 (My Birthday :-)). It was a really fun shoot, and my model, Tiffany Eatherly was a total dream to work with. You wouldn’t believe she is the mother of 2 beautiful boys, would you? Our photographer, Alex Masters, was also easy to work with, which, if you know Alex, is a real treat LOL. Also we couldn’t beat the location…The Historic Replica of "The Deliverance"…we kind of broke in, but hey…It’s Fashion ;-)

xx The Skinny